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Social and Service Clubs

Across our local area, there exist many community groups, clubs and services that contribute to the wellbeing, diversity and vitality of residents.  Port Adelaide Enfield Council works in partnership with the community on many projects and programs where individuals, families and community groups can thrive.

Various units within Council aim to support groups through community development and community learning. Council staff are passionate about working with and for local people, towards their goal of a healthy and vibrant community.

Arts groups, sporting clubs,  youth services, volunteering and cultural groups play an important part in creating community wellbeing.

SAcommunity is a directory of South Australian community services. It includes information about government, non-government, community based and some private sector organisations that provide services for the South Australian community in the areas of health, welfare, housing, education, community participation, information, legal services, arts and recreation.

SAcommunity includes organisations that meet all of the following criteria:

  • provide, directly to the public or in a support or coordination role, services that help people living in South Australia to meet their basic needs and rights, or provide opportunities to participate in society
  • provide services at state, regional or local level
  • operate on a charitable or not-for-profit basis, or are subsidised by government, or provide services on behalf of government, or operate in the private sector providing services that are similar to those helping services provided by charitable, not-for-profit, government subsidised and government services
  • have regular hours of operation, a reliable contact source and an accountable management structure
  • are established organisations, or projects or programs with funding for at least 6 months